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The best martial art is the one that fits you!

Choosing the best martial art is all about trying to find which martial art best matches your interests in martial arts as well as the reason you want to train, how you want to train, and who you want to teach you martial arts. Use These questions as a guide to help you come up with some good martial arts styles and schools that may interest you.

The results are based upon the’s staff peronal experiences, reasearch and personal opinions. Please use these results as a guide and a broad search. We highly recommend that you learn more about the schools below and watch classes to help you decide which art best fits you and your lifestyle.

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Distance to Travel:
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Why do you want to learn Martial Arts?  
What questions do you have about Martial Arts?  

What is your interest in Martial Art?
Select what areas of martial arts interest you. Many different fighting styles focus on many different aspects of martial arts. Select the ones that best fit what interest you.
Note: Many different schools may offer a variety of different types of training. The results will be based on the style’s primary function
Ground Grappling:
Throws & Takedowns:
Speed Striking:
Power Striking:
Mixed Martial Arts:
Reality Combat:
Self Defense:
Joint Locks:
Martial Arts Weapons Training:

Reason for Martial Arts Training?
Everyone had a reason for training martial arts, whether they want to start doing fighting competitions or just looking for a self defense art. Select the reasons that interest you.
MMA Fighting:
Self Defense:
Military / Job:
Mental Training:

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