The answer to this question is Yes and No.  When everything else is equal: strength and size do become a factor – but in both directions.  A large person has his strengths and weaknesses, but a smaller person has their strengths and weaknesses as well.

What I have found through martial arts training, is that every person regardless of their size each has their own assets and abilities that are unique, different and advantageous.

A large, strong person maybe hold you in place, pin you down or hit really hard.  Yet a smaller person may be able to squirm and move out of positions that a larger man could not, or they may be able to strike and move a lot faster then a larger opponent.

The key to it all is finding you own abilities and “strengths” through martial arts training.  Whatever martial arts style you choose, you will eventually find and develop your own attributes that are uniquely yours and you will be able to use these to your advantage.

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