When dealing with multiple opponents – the best and realistic response is to run.  The odds are against you when dealing with more then one attacker.  It won’t take much for them to get the upper band in the situation.  Plus, you maybe fighting one or more, and the other can pull out a weapon or grab a weapon of opportunity.

You almost certainly do not want to go to the ground.  In this situation, you are an easy target and prey.

When fighting multiple opponents it is more about tactics then style. If you are truly concerned with fighting multiple opponents, you need to train in a style that addresses these combat situations.  This also includes training and live sparring against multiple opponents.  Some common martial arts that may address this are:

  • Aiki-jitsu
  • Aikido
  • Japanese Jujutsu
  • Krav Maga
  • Wing Chun
  • Reality Based Martial arts

Lastly, the worst thing you can do is actually try to stand your ground when there is a way out.  Sometimes you may need to “create” a way out and they involve actual fighting.  Some people may say “hit the biggest one and the rest will get scared”.  That is not always the case, and the biggest one might not be near you.  If you need to create an opportunity to leave, attack what you can, and get out of the situation.

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