A martial arts schools is much more then just a place to learn how to fight and it’s more then just the style of martial art you are learning. The best martial arts school is really the one that fits you the best. Every person has different goals. You may want to be the next UFC champion, someone else maybe looking for Reality Self Defense Training, someone else is looking to do artistic movements.

Whatever your goal for training martial arts, there are several factors that are vitally important when about to embark on your training.

  1. Martial Arts Style Finding a style the fits you is the first step to finding a good school. Use the Find your martial arts style tool here. Use that tool and take the first 3 results as a base for some martial arts styles you maybe interested in.
  2. Instructor Your teacher will be leading you down the path of your martial arts training. Some important factors when looking at a teacher is.
    • Is he / she cocky or arrogant? An arrogant teacher is not someone who you want to learn from. You want to learn from a humble and open teacher. A teacher who is willing to help you learn and progress.
    • How does he / she run a class? Are the students listening? Does he explain well? Is he involved?
    • Is your teacher in shape? This is important! How can you learn from someone about physical training if they don’t take care of themselves!
  3. Other Students These fellow students will be with you on your journey. Are these the type of people you can get along with on a day to day basis? Are they welcoming? Humble? Accepting? Skilled? Take a look at them and the top students. If they are someone you can “respect”, it’s probably a good fit.
  4. Gut Instinct When you walk into the school – does it feel right? Do you feel like you could train there? If it doesn’t feel right, listen to yourself.

The best thing to do when choosing a new school is evaluate a school. Most schools have introductory classes where you can take a few classes for free and see if you actually like it. This is the best way to get involved and see if this new martial arts school is really a good fit.

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