Our Mission:

Our mission is to build our students into Black Belt leaders, to make our students more successful in life through the practice of their Martial Arts, and to always influence them in a positive manner.

To accomplish this, we will instill a black belt leader’s attitude to set goals for self improvement and to overcome obstacles in order to become more successful in life.

Next, we will educate and influence our student’s behavior so that they will develop the habits and lifestyle that will lead to long term success.

Finally, we will reinforce solid character development by encouraging students to live by a set of principles and standards that can be applied to daily living. We will encourage the formation of high personal standards and respect for human beings.

We will constantly strive to maintain our commitment to…

Lead by Example with Energy for Excellence!

The Physical Side of Training:

Our goal is to assist you in developing winning fitness habits that will positively impact all areas of your life. Martial arts is a fun, educational fitness program that makes getting into the best shape of your life an enjoyable and entertaining activity.

The self defense taught at America’s Best Defense is one of the most practical and effective systems found in the world, and is taught in a manner that’s easy for anyone to learn.

Martial Arts is much more than Kicks and Punches…. So Much More!

America’s Best Defense has spent the past 20+ years perfecting our teaching methods and curriculum. Our classes are taught in a highly charged atmosphere that excites our students and engages them in a way to capture their attention. Our motivating instructors challenge and encourage our students to advance their skills in the practice of martial arts, but also to apply the character development lessons in every area of life.

Our life skills lessons are easy to learn, practical to apply and very relevant to the challenges faced by our youth. Because most of our instructors are parents themselves, we know the first hand the challenges that our youth face on a daily basis. From bullying, to striving for better grades, America’s Best Defense is dedicated toward giving our students the best advantage possible.

Be my guest and continue reading through the pages within this website. You are about to make an important decision; the Martial Arts instructor you choose will have a profound impact on your family – let’s make sure it’s a positive one!

-Master Garcia

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